53rd International Symposium ELMAR-2011
14-16 September 2011, Zadar, Croatia
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Prospective organizers are invited to submit proposals for ELMAR-2011 special sessions. The deadline for proposals is February 15, 2011. The special session papers must be submitted by April 6, 2011.

Special sessions, like regular sessions, are oral technical sessions with at least five (5) speakers each. The special session organizer’s role is to invite the five speakers, ensure that the papers are submitted on time, and chair the session itself.

Those willing to organize special session during ELMAR-2011 symposium, please read the Special Session Proposals document (PDF) or contact Prof. Mislav Grgic, ELMAR-2011 Program Chair.

ACCEPTED SPECIAL SESSIONS (status: February 21, 2011)

ID Special Session Title Organizers
SS1 IR Imaging and Thermography Applications - ITA



Prof. Karolj Skala and Dr. Darko Kolaric

Rudjer Boskovic Institute
Centre for Informatics and Computing
Zagreb, Croatia
SS2 Precise Carrier Phase Positioning with Global Navigation Satellite Systems


Dr.-Ing. Patrick Henkel

Institute for Communications and Navigation
Technische Universität München
München, Germany
SS3 New Frontiers in Antenna System Design


Prof. Juraj Bartolic and Prof. Zvonimir Sipus

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
Zagreb, Croatia

NEWS - Special Session ITA

New theme in Special Session ITA - Medical Thermography as a Green Health Imaging Technology

The latest research being conducted with the use of thermal imaging techniques illustrate the diversity of applications for infrared thermal imaging, and its successful implementation in medicine. With the explosion of Infrared thermal imagers on the market for all types of applications, the medical or health care area remains very specific with its requirements for obtaining high quality and consistent thermograms at space and time domain. Imaging environment controls, patient or subject preparation, capturing capabilities, technician training, and image processing features are all factors to be considered with usage of an infrared thermal imaging system. The multidimensional and multispectral ( Visible and IR up to 14µm) open new technical predispositions to improve and define the exact new noninvasive and chipper Green Health Imaging technology.
(Selected papers will be published in a special edition of journal Periodicum Biologorum!)




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