Wednesday, 13 June 2001


08:00-08:30 Registration - Hotel "Donat" (1st Floor)


08:30-09:00 Opening of the ELMAR-2001 & VIPromCom-2001 Symposium

Cap. Ive Mustac, Director of the Technical Department - Tankerska plovidba Zadar
& General Chair of the ELMAR-2001 Symposium Organising Committee, CROATIA:
Welcome Speech

09:00-11:30 ELMAR-2001 Symposium: INVITED SPEAKERS

Session Chair: B. Zovko-Cihlar, V. Jeric

Mr. Ante Dodig, Assistant Minister of Maritime Affairs, Transport
and Communications of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, CROATIA:
UMTS Licensing in the Republic of Croatia

Admiral Davorin Kajic, Naval Doctrine Department, General Staff, Zagreb, CROATIA:
Croatian Navy Controlling, Guarding and Protecting Croatian Sea

Professor Zelimir Sladoljev, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
and Naval Architecture, CROATIA:
Consideration About Development Strategy of Croatian Shipbuilding

Mr. Stanko Banic, Director Tankerska plovidba Zadar, CROATIA:
Croatian Shipbuilding, Tankerska plovidba - Privatisation

Mr. Ivica Mudrinic, President and CEO Croatian Telecom, Zagreb, CROATIA:
Telecommunications - Key Enablers for Development

Mrs. Tatjana Holjevac, CEO VIP-NET GSM, Zagreb, CROATIA:
Evolution of Mobile Market to 3G

Mr. Michael Ahrens, Director HELI d.d., Pula, CROATIA:
"Dat Helja" The Creation of a Croatian Super Yacht

Dr. Nenad Bobanac, Director Brodarski Institute - Marine Research
and Special Technologies, Zagreb, CROATIA:
Brodarski Institute 2001+

Mr. Ante Cagalj, Brodosplit Shipyard, CROATIA:
"Split" Shipyard Development

Professor Branka Zovko-Cihlar, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
and Computing, Zagreb, CROATIA:
Wireless Mobile Multimedia Communications at the Beginning of New Century

11:30-12:00 Cocktail - Hotel "Donat" (Ground Floor)

12:00-14:00 Lunch Break

14:00-16:00 VIPromCom-2001 Symposium: OPENING SESSION

Session Chair: P. Liatsis

14:00-14:45 VIPromCom-2001 KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Professor Mohammed Ghanbari; UNITED KINGDOM:
Video Networking: Compression of Video for Transmission over Networks

14:45-16:00 VIPromCom-2001 INVITED SPEAKERS

Dr. Ebroul Izquierdo; UNITED KINGDOM:
Efficient Hierarchical Video Indexing and Retrieval

Professor Paul Cristea; ROMANIA:
Time Series Prediction with Wavelet Neural Networks

Professor Ryszard Stasinski; POLAND:
Shape-Adaptive Transforms for Image Coding, an Overview

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:00-18:00 VIPromCom-2001 Symposium - SESSION 1

Session Chair: M. Ghanbari

Igor S. Pandzic; SWEDEN:
An MPEG-4 FBA Decoder for Web Applications

R. Atta and M. Ghanbari; UNITED KINGDOM:
Low Bit Rate DCT Pyramid Video Coding Using Optimum Bit Allocation Technique

R. Rambaruth, W. Christmas, J. Kittler; UNITED KINGDOM:
Motion Segmentation and Tracking using a 3-dimensional Markov Random Field

M. ElHassouni, H. Cherifi, D. Aboutajdine; MAROC / FRANCE:
An Efficient Spatiotemporal Filter for Noise Reduction in Video Sequences

John Y. Goulermas, Panos Liatsis; UNITED KINGDOM:
Coevolutionary Strategies in area-based Stereo

Astrid Lundmark; SWEDEN:
Non-Overlapping Search Pattern for Logarithmic Search Motion Estimation

Sonja Grgic, Marta Mrak, Mislav Grgic; CROATIA:
Comparison of JPEG Image Coders

Milos Oravec, Peter Jurica; SLOVAKIA:
Face Recognition Based on Feature-Extraction by Self-Organizing Map and Classification by RBF Networks

20:00 ELMAR-2001 & VIPromCom-2001 Symposium Banquet


Wednesday, 13 June 2001



14:00-16:00 ELMAR-2001 Symposium - SESSION: Radiocommunications, Multimedia Communications & Optoelectronics

Session Chair: V. Roje

Antonio Sarolic; CROATIA:
National Technical Committee for Maritime Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment and Systems Standardization Activities

Antonio Sarolic, Borivoj Modlic, Petar Pavic, Vesna Roje, Dragan Poljak; CROATIA:
Harmful Shipboard Electromagnetic Fields - Navigational Radar Measurements

Winton Afric; CROATIA:
A Method for Implementing Mobile Station Location in GSM

Ivica Kuzmanic, Igor Vujovic; CROATIA:
Some Aspects of Optical Cables in Marine Applications

Vedran Klepac, Branimir Kisan, Sanja Markovic; CROATIA:
DVCPro, DVCam and DV Camcorders

Dalibor Kuhinek, Sonja Grgic; CROATIA:
Use of Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing in Cable Television Systems

Marijan Bezjak; CROATIA:
Bluetooth Module

Marko Ferisak; GERMANY:
Neural Network Implementation in Data Mining

Marija Vrdoljak, Damir Kovacic, Damir Dlaka; CROATIA:
Residential Television Services: IP-based Delivery

Tomislav Makar; CROATIA:
GPRS - The First Step in the Evolution of Packet Based Mobile Communication

Andrija Maricic; NEW ZEALAND:
UML Model of the Kauri World

Ivan Milak, Branka Zovko-Cihlar, Sonja Grgic; AUSTRIA / CROATIA:
Linearity Precorrection Unit in Digital Video Broadcasting Transmitter’s Chain

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break

16:30-17:30 ELMAR-2001 Symposium - SESSION: Navigation

Session Chair: T. Kos

INVITED SPEECH: Bernhard Hofmann-Wellenhof; AUSTRIA:
Galileo - The European Satellite Navigation Perspective

Jakov Kitarovic, Ante Ticac; CROATIA:
Vulnerability Assessment of Global Positioning System for Marine Applications

Renato Filjar, Darko Huljenic; CROATIA:
Analysis of Static GPS Positioning Results after Removal of Selective Availability

Darko Huljenic, Renato Filjar; CROATIA:
Positioning Methods for Mobile Location Solutions

Tomislav Kos, Boris Kviz; CROATIA:
Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

Janko Budanko; CROATIA:
Automatic Identification System (AIS)

17:30-18:30 ROUND TABLE: Satellite Positioning System
Moderator: Mr. Renato Filjar

20:00 ELMAR-2001 & VIPromCom-2001 Symposium Banquet


Thursday, 14 June 2001



08:30-10:30 VIPromCom-2001 Symposium - SESSION 2

Session Chair: E. Izquierdo

Ville Lappalainen, Timo D. Hamalainen, Antti Hallapuro; FINLAND:
Optimization of H.26L Video Decoder

J. Oliver, M.P. Malumbres; SPAIN:
A Motion-LTW Video Encoder Suitable for Ad-Hoc Wireless Network Applications

Abir Hussain and Panos Liatsis; UNITED KINGDOM:
Financial Time Series Prediction Using Recurrent Pi-sigma Neural Networks

Rastislav Lukac, Stanislav Marchevsky; SLOVAKIA:
Noisy Image Sequences Filtering by Adaptive LUM Smoother Based on Standard Deviation

Mislav Grgic, Nikola Sprljan, Sonja Grgic; CROATIA:
Image Analyser - Educational Tool

Snjezana Rimac-Drlje, Branka Zovko-Cihlar, Sonja Grgic; CROATIA:
Wavelet Adapted and Visually Tuned Compression

Honorius Galmeanu, Daniel Grosu; ROMANIA / USA:
A Parallel Block Matching Technique for MPEG-2 Motion Estimation

S. Tran Minh, K. Fazekas, A. Gschwindt; HUNGARY:
Generalized Single Image Random Dot Stereograms Algorithm Applied to Still- and Moving 3-D Scene

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 VIPromCom-2001 Symposium - SESSION 3

Session Chair: P. Cristea

V. Kazakov, F. Tejeda; MEXICO:
Reception of Digital Signals with a Background of Impulse and White Noises

J. Levendovszky, L. Kovacs; HUNGARY:
A New Blind Signal Processing Algorithm for Decorrelation and Channel Equalization

Jaroslav Polec, Jarmila Pavlovicova; SLOVAKIA:
DDC and PDQ Modification for Colour Images

R. Ghozi, B.C. Levy; TUNISIA / USA:
Characerisation and Applications of Critical Markov Random Fields in Image Processing

Constantin Popescu; ROMANIA:
An Identification Scheme based on the Discrete Logarithm Problem

Tibor K. Pogany and Mato Tudor; CROATIA:
2D Lagrange - Yen Type Interpolation in L2<>

13:00 Excursion by Boat (LUNCH INCLUDED); Meeting Point: Hotel "Donat", Reception


Thursday, 14 June 2001



08:30-10:30 ELMAR-2001 Symposium - SESSION: General Topics and Ship Power Systems

Session Chair: P. Cukrov

Damir Gulin; CROATIA:
Navy Systems Architecture

Pavel Cukrov; CROATIA:
Network - Centric Warfare

Zlatan Kulenovic; CROATIA:
Rigidity Changes of Spatial Four-Bar Linkages

Vlado Dadic; CROATIA:
An Application of Kriging Method in Objective Analysis of Randomly Distributed Oceanographic Data

Vinko Tomas, Vjekoslav Koljatic, Ivica Segulja; CROATIA:
The Weakness of the Conventional Propulsion System, and possible Improvements

Maja Krcum, Igor Vujovic, Ivica Kuzmanic; CROATIA:
Electricity Generation - Shaft Generators

Slavko Simundic, Marija Boban, Marin Mardesic; CROATIA:
Management and Distribution of Information in the Complex Systems of Shipbuilding Production

Mario Peric, Tomislav Plavsic, Nikola Oreskovic; CROATIA:
Analysis of Hybrid Photovoltaic Propulsion of a Tourist Boat in Croatia

Darko Kolaric, Karolj Skala, Amir Dubravic; CROATIA:
Remote Forest Fire Detection

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:15 ELMAR-2001 Symposium - SESSION: Automation

Session Chair: V. Jeric

Krunoslav Horvat, Bruno Borovic, Davorin Ambrus; CROATIA:
Sources of Disturbances in a Closed-loop Control System using Fieldbus

Davorin Ambrus, Kristina Peric, Krunoslav Horvat; CROATIA:
Applying CAN Protocol in Industrial and Marine Environment

Vedran Bakaric; CROATIA:
Waypoint Guidance for Autonomous Marine Vehicles

Bruno Borovic, Krunoslav Horvat, Ognjen Kuljaca; CROATIA / USA:
Neural Network Control System Analysis: A Case Study

Sadko Mandzuka; CROATIA:
Constrained Covariance Control Approach in Dynamic Positioning of Floating Vessels

Vladimir Koroman, Dario Matika; CROATIA:
Simulation Model of Dynamic Positioning of Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

Dario Matika, Vladimir Koroman; CROATIA:
Undersea Detection of Sea Mines

13:00 Excursion by Boat (LUNCH INCLUDED); Meeting Point: Hotel "Donat", Reception


Friday, 15 June 2001



08:30-10:30 VIPromCom-2001 Symposium - SESSION 4

Session Chair: R. Stasinski

Lai Jin; JAPAN:
Improving Contents Distribution and Reusability using Watermark Technology

Andrej Kruscic, Rado Slatinek, Tatjana Kapus, Bogomir Horvat; SLOVENIA:
A Multimedia Presentation for the Support of Teaching Telecommunications Protocols

Janez Stergar, Bogomir Horvat; SLOVENIA:
Adapting a Multimedia Tutorial for Distance Learning

Robert Veronik, Zdravko Kacic, Klara Vicsi, Ferenc Csatari, Peter Roach, Anne-Marie Oester, Peter Barczikay; SLOVENIA / HUNGARY / UNITED KINGDOM / SWEDEN:
A New Way of Multimedia Supported Teaching and Training of Correct Pronunciation for Speech Handicapped Children

Koichiro Honda, Kuniaki Uehara; JAPAN:
Video Segmentation by Integrating Color, Temporal, and Textual Information

Hrvoje Veselko, Hrvoje Domitrovic, Sinisa Fajt; CROATIA:
Digital Enviroment and Networking in Radio Broadcast

Seok-Soo Kim, Dae-Joon Hwang; SOUTH-KOREA:
Telemedicine Multimedia Database on the Cyber Doctor

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break

10:45-12:45 VIPromCom-2001 Symposium - SESSION 5

Session Chair: M. S. Stachowicz

Jose Luis Lamas, Yuri Lopez de Meneses, Jacques Jacot, Peter Ryser; SWITZERLAND:
A Tracking System for a Miniature Pan Tilt Camera

Marian S. Stachowicz, David Lemke; USA:
Colors in Image Recognition

Richard Woesler, Axel Berres, Martin Ruhe, Carsten Dalaff, Peter Wagner, and Reinhart D. Kuehne; GERMANY:
Scale Space Methods for Recognition of Vehicles

Roman Trobec, Roman Novak, Igor Ozimek, Gorazd Kandus; SLOVENIA:
Compressed Image Transmission on Fix-Rate Digital Channels

Lidija Mandic, Sonja Grgic, Ida Srdic; CROATIA:
Colour Management and Signal Processing

Alen Lustica; CROATIA:
1080/24P - The Global Production Format

Bogdan Dugonik, Matjaz Debevc; SLOVENIA:
Contemporarily Video Production for Distance Education System

Branka Medved Rogina; CROATIA:
Metastability Performance of Clocked FIFOs in Asynchronous System Applications

12:45-14:45 Lunch Break

15:00-17:00 VIPromCom-2001 Symposium - SESSION 6

Session Chair: P. Planinsic

Jan Turan, Lubos Ovsenik; SLOVAKIA:
Teleeducational Multimedia Programme Package for Teaching and Modelling Digital Fiber Optical Networks

Yakov Nekrich; GERMANY:
A Method for Compression of DCT Coefficients

Souheila Ghennam and Khier Benmahammed; ALGERIA:
Adaptive Image Restoration by Neural Networks

Igor Vujovic, Ivica Kuzmanic, Maja Krcum; CROATIA:
Image Registration and Dynamic Imaging in PACS

Peter Planinsic, Dusan Gleich, Bojan Gergic, Zarko Cucej; SLOVENIA:
A Simple Design of Wavelet-Subband Image Coder

Daniel Z. Lenardic, Branka Zovko-Cihlar; CROATIA:
Determining the Characteristics of the Data Flow in Computer Networks

Radomir Basic, Miroslav Mocinic; BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA:
Concept and Applications of Interactivity in Electronic Media

Radomir Basic, Fahrudin Balvanovic; BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA:
Interactivity in Electronic Media: New Own Road or Lane to Broadband Convergence Highway?

17:00 End of the VIPromCom-2001 Symposium


Friday, 15 June 2001



08:30-10:30 ELMAR-2001 Symposium - SESSION: Acoustics and Vibrations

Session Chair: K. Ugrinovic

Julia Quehl, August Schick, Volker Mellert; GERMANY:
Development of a Semantic Differential Suitable for the Assessment of Combined Sound and Vibration Effects and its Application to Vehicle Vibro-Acoustics

Kosta Ugrinovic, Olivera Pionic; CROATIA:
Passive Detection Algorithm for a Silent Vessel

Marjan Sikora, Bojan Ivancevic, Kristian Jambrosic; CROATIA:
3D Simulation of Ultrasound Propagation in Human Scull

Ivan Jelencic, Alojzije Seder, Hrvoje Domitrovic; CROATIA:
Optimizing Acoustical Parameters of String Instrument

Velimir Plasc, Mladen Maletic, Hrvoje Domitrovic; CROATIA:
Diffuse-Absorptive Construction in Croatia Records Sound Studio

Alan Stimac, Bojan Ivancevic, Kristijan Jambrosic; CROATIA:
Characterization of Ultrasonic Homogenizers for Shipbuilding Industry

Miroslav Kramar, Robert Bajzek; CROATIA:
Analysis of Rescue Boat Crew Response to Impact

Ivo Mateljan, Kosta Ugrinovic; CROATIA:
The Fourier Analyzer for Acoustical Measurements

10:30 End of the ELMAR-2001 Symposium

11:00 ELMAR Society Annual Meeting ( for ELMAR Society members only ! )

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