ELMAR International Workshop on
Video Processing and Multimedia Communications


June 23-25, 1999 - Zadar, Croatia


1. Your paper must be written in English, carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling.

2. Papers should be a maximum of 15 pages in length.

3. To format your camera-ready paper correctly, see the Page Layout Guidelines for the A4 (210 297 mm) paper size. All margins are 2 cm. The recommended font is TIMES or similar of basic size 12 point. Your paper must be written in ONE column format.

4. Camera-ready paper should be single-spaced, with a paragraph indentation.

5. Write your paper reference code and the page number lightly, IN PENCIL, on the upper right-hand corners of the backs of the pages (e.g. EF-A-78, 1/15).

6. The paper should include:

(a) title;

(b) authors name(s), affiliation and present address;

(c) abstract;

(d) key words;

(e) an introduction, explaining the nature of the problem, previous work, purpose and contribution of paper;

(f) body text;

(g) a conclusion section which should clearly indicate advantages, limitations and possible applications;

(h) a reference section (see below).

7. References should be indicated in the text by a number in square brackets, e.g. [1] . References should be numbered in the order cited in the camera-ready paper. The correct format for references is:

For papers: author, title, journal (in italics), volume and issue number, year, inclusive pages
Example: [1] T.C.Hsia, Simple robust schemes for space control of robot manipulators, Journal of Robotics, 9(4), 1994, 167-174

Books: author, title (in italics), publisher, location, year
Example: [2] M.Kayston and W.R.Fried, Avionic Navigation Systems, Artech House, New York, 1969

8. Tables and pictures must be of high quality. Their titles and captions should be centred.

9. Please do not use colors in your paper. We will not be able to publish your paper in color.

10. Please send your camera-ready paper in a ps-file format (PostScript) or pdf-file format as an attachment to the e-mail: not available and send one copy of your paper by a regular post, too.

11. Your camera-ready paper must be received by May 01, 1999 for the paper to be published in the Proceedings.